Who am I?

69251_634393869929109_305901555_nMy name is Jeffrey, born in May 1980.

My hobby started in 2007 when I bought my first secondhand radio scanner. The scanner was a wideband scanner, it started at 25MHz and stopped somewhere at 1300MHz. I bought this scanner because of the aviation. I live close to an airport. And I knew that there was some radio communication between the airplanes and the control tower. With a little help from the internet, I found very soon the used frequencies.

But while I was listening to these airplanes, I soon found out that there was, even more, to listen to. First, there was the 11-meter band (27MHz).

When I was listening to this band, I found out that it was legal for me to send within this band. So shortly after this discovery, I bought my first (new) transceiver for 11m. Because of some shyness, I didn’t dare to push the button to talk. “But what if, I make a mistake??” Later I was told that this doesn’t matter. Everyone has to make his (or her) first QSO. So this mic-fear slowly disappeared. Nowadays, it’s still not completely gone, but it goes much easier than previously.

This radio was connected to an antenna which was mounted on my balcony. I could use the antenna only to the south. All other directions were blocked by buildings.

By the end of 2009, I make a request to the owners association, I don’t know the correct word for it. But this association represent all households within the building. Together we make a planning for the building’s maintenance, etc. I must therefore also have their permission to be put up an antenna on the roof.

After nearly eighteen months I finally got my permission to put my antenna (under strict conditions) to elevator motor house on top of the building.

In June 2011, I placed my antenna(s) together with a work colleague. And what a difference in reception! After that, I started sending even more on the 11m. And the first DX QSO to Mexico was a fact. (4W 27.385MHz USB).

Also by the end of 2009, I discovered the radio amateur bands. And by August 2010 I decided that I wanted to become a radio amateur. I ordered my books and started studying. This didn’t really work for me that way. Then I joined a club which was called DLZA, which was a digital way of studying using the internet. This wasn’t either working for me. And finally, by May 2013, I signed up for the course of a tutor PA3GER (Johan), who was just starting up a new group of future HAMs.

His way of teaching was working for me. And in September 2013 I passed my first test. I became a novice amateur with the callsign PD2GIS.

But I continued studying and I also wanted my Full license. Again, Johan has helped me to achieve this. Sadly I failed 3 times to pass the test.

And finally, I passed my last test in November 2014. And I became a Full licensed Radioamateur with the callsign PH7GIS.

So Johan, thanks for your support!


  1. aad schreef:

    Hallo Jeffrey.

    Bedankt voor de babbel afgelopen dinsdag.
    Heb spullen voor de J-antenne gekocht maar kan het niet in elkaar solderen omdat ik de brander niet kan vinden.
    Komt wel goed.

    PE1HTJ, nog niet geregistreerd AT

  2. Menno schreef:

    Hoi Jeffrey.
    afgelopen leden vergadering hebben we kennis gemaakt bij het clubhonk van de PI4VNW.
    Ik zat vandaag te luisteren naar de radio ronde , en bemerkte dat je wel erg dichtbij moet zitten.
    Vol signaal zelfs zonder antenne.
    Ik zag dat je zelf een dualband antenne hebt gemaakt .
    Misschien kun jij mij komende dinsdag daar iets meer over vertellen?
    Ik heb namelijk wel iets met dat soort diy projecten.
    73’s Menno PAOO owwww (in opleiding dus)

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