As a radio amateur, I’m always busy with new (and sometimes old) projects.
Today I started a new project, which is laying around for almost 2,5 years. So is it new??

What is it?? Well, in 2013, when I became a novice radio amateur, I soon discovered that the number of antennas on the roof is getting bigger and that I need to switch the cables on the back of the radio back and forward, which wasn’t any good for the connectors. So I have made a switchboard for my antennas (2014). Back then I had the idea that I made a switchboard (with coax switches) and a status board (with LEDs so I can see which antenna is connected to which radio). On paper, everything was working

I made both boards and the building went very well. Continues testing, so that went well.
When I wanted to connect both boards together, I noticed that I had several shorts in my LED strings. Which I didn’t see back then!

So the status board never worked as it was intended to be. The switchboard, on the other hand, worked as planned and is still in use today!
But it’s not that easy to track, which antenna is connected to which radio. I made some notes on paper every time I switch from the antenna. But sometimes you forgot…..

So that’s why I started this project. My plan is to make a switchboard using “normal” relays. I made a proof of concept, and that works fine. Now I had to wait until every ordered part is coming in. And then I really can start building it. There is no need for rushing, or what so ever. It has to be working! I learned from my mistakes!

I will try to keep everyone informed with my youtube videos.
See my first video (for this project)