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Coming weekend 18 and 19 Augustus I’ll be active together with the crew of PI4VNW, in the lighthouse of the Hook of Holland during the ILLW (International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend).

I’ll mainly be active with the digital modes, like PSK and RTTY. I don’t know which band(s) yet. We are with 6 radio amateurs, on a very small footprint, so just as last year, we’ll be using band filters to minimize the risk of interfering with each other. So changing band is difficult and needs planning 😉

Next Friday (17th August) we will start installing the antennas and other gear. And Saturday from 09:00 till 22:00 LT and Sunday from 09:00 till 17:00 LT we will be trying to make as many contacts with Lighthouses and Lightships (or other amateurs) as possible at the lighthouse. Which is also open for visiting, see for more information (in Dutch only):

I’ll be taking my Icom IC7100 and longwire (80-10m) with me. And a small mobile radio to communicate within the lighthouse. especially in the period for installing the antennas.

Last year we made 270+ QSO (contacts). We hope that the conditions would be better this year. But who knows?

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