IMG_7798PACC (a Dutch radio contest) is very known in the Netherlands and also abroad.
Well this year I participated for the first time within the PACC.
In the past I have given away a point, but was never really active in contesting.

Despite a sore throat and because of that a very weak voice. I still have made 37 qso’s with a total of 481 points.

For a first time, not that bad!I also know that, with this score, i won’t reach the first place.eindscore

I made some rookie mistakes. And not all operators were going along nicely here. Many HAM’s were polite and gave me and chance to correct mijself. Or helped me, to see were I made a mistake. But some HAM’s were rude! “If you can’t contest, stay away from the radio!!”.

Anyway, every start is difficult. But the most important part is, that I enjoyed it!

Next year I hope nothing wrong with my voice, and that the number of QSOs will be higher.

I thought it was actually pretty fun to do. I think I’m going to do more.

See you by the next contest 

Jeffrey (PH7GIS)

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2 Replies to “PACC 2015”

  1. Een mooi begin Jeffrey. Fouten maken mag altijd. Daar leer je van. Voor volgens jaar iets met een voicekeyer doen die netjes CQ voor je geeft. Dat scheelt echt heeeeeeel veel.

    1. de keyer ontdekte ik zojuist! mijn ic7100 heeft er dus een aan boord, dat had ik dus moeten weten. m.a.w. ken je apparatuur….. hierin heb ik blijkbaar ook nog veel te leren

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